The Battles of 2016

Two suicides of good friends in a year probably should’ve broken me but it didn’t – I’ve learned to grieve fast and move on fast. That probably summed up 2016 pretty well. I’ve learned so well to disconnect, numb myself and ignore the swell beneath the surface I’ve kept paddling on. 2016 has been a year of highest of highs [...]

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After multiple attempts to work with you to get things right, maybe a public letter may get more attention. Your customer service, or lack thereof, makes me feel like I am part of your practical joke. Being new to London, I have received a lot of advice on things I must do when I first arrived, like opening a bank [...]

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Reflection, Social Change

Home away from home

Weaving through the streets of Siem Reap on the back of a tuk-tuk at 4.30AM in the morning, warm humid air brushing my exposed skin, I reflected on the past few days on this side of the world. Watching the local people get ready for their day, each as if telling a part of their stories, helps you understand Siem [...]

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Social Change

Malaysia, your time to shine

I’ve been thinking a lot about my home country, Malaysia, lately – are things going to change, are we ready for change and are we actually going to embrace change? For many countries, democracy is often overlooked as if a hassle but for many, it comes at a price. In recent years, we’ve seen many countries go through transformation. Lives [...]

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Reflection, Social Innovation

Keep Calm and Hub On

This post has not been easy to write at all, and I’ve sat here for a few nights now writing, deleting and repeat. I am leaving Hub Australia in early April 2013. And before rumours spread, I need to explain how and why I’ve come to this decision. Before I joined Hub Melbourne, I was in search for stimulations so [...]

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Education, Reflection, Soften the Fck Up, Technology

The Year That Was 2012

I used to write these reflective posts every end of the year and it was a great way for me to reflect on how much I’ve learned, unlearned and relearned since the previous years. Then I stopped 2 years ago, because I just got lazy, so here’s an attempt to do them again. 2012 kicked arse. It’s madness, I tell [...]

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Being an Authentic Bad-Ass

Possibly one of the most overused buzzwords in the last few years is “authenticity” – its used in leadership, management, marketing, communications and every second TED Talks that I’ve heard but that’s definitely not stopping my from writing about it.

I think its very important to talk about it even if its an overused buzzwords because I think we all need to be able to reach an impersonal conscience. We need to go beyond the outside factors that influence who we are, instead understanding who really are and allow ourselves

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Soften the Fck Up

Manthropology Episode 4 with Simon Taylor

Today’s blog post comes in the form of a podcast I did with Mr Simon Taylor. It’s an hour long but I think it sums up my entire life story, if not almost my entire life story. Grab a cup of coffee and tune in.

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