Back to blogging

So, I am back to blogging, except this time I am turning this blog from a personal blog to more of a blog about what I do and interesting things I come across especially in my research area of education and engagement, and my interest in social change which encompasses social entrepreneurship and social innovation.

I’ve been meaning to blog about stuff that comes across my mind and interesting things I’ve read, but I have just been really lazy and busy to organise my blog to write them, so I have resulted in tweeting them instead.

However, there are times when I’d come across interesting things I like to discuss, for example recently I had a discussion with Mark Lobo about my research work looking at how tertiary education should be teaching students ‘to be’ rather than ‘about’ a subject and Mark pointed out that its especially true for courses like Art (e.g. photography). Theories you learn in courses can sometimes be so overwhelming and limiting that you lack the ability to think outside the box; which I believe is the same for many other courses. Assignments these days require students to regurgitate information that’s readily available and most works we get at university are based on pre-determined outcomes, which defeats the purpose of doing it don’t you think? A good example would be Science experiments, especially in first year – we all know what the results are going to be and we are forced to follow a step-by-step recipe book style experiment, which I don’t understand why we are doing it in the first place.

Ah well. More to come as my research continues.

  • Memer

    Good to know this. Do blog as frequent as you can. Nice to hear from you

  • ahlost

    Glad to hear that you’re back to blogging :)