Being an Authentic Bad-Ass

Possibly one of the most overused buzzwords in the last few years is “authenticity” – its used in leadership, management, marketing, communications and every second TED Talks that I’ve watched but that’s definitely not stopping me from writing about it.

I think its very important to talk about it even if its an overused buzzwords because I think we all need to be able to reach an impersonal conscience. We need to go beyond the outside factors that influence who we are, instead understanding who really are and allow ourselves to live for the bigger purpose of beyond our own gains.

Perhaps it sounds all hippy and uncool but I think as the world change at an unpredictable rate and as we become even more connected, losing deep connections and trust, we need to kill the ego and move for a higher purpose, a higher goal to build mutual deep trust, that we’re willing to make the most important sacrifices for the sake of what we are aspiring to accomplish.

Being an authentic bad-ass also mean that we care passionately about others also reaching that goal that we unhesitantly sacrifice our own peace of mind, comfort and security in order to promote a sense of co-creation and bring back this connections and belonging that we all yearn.

I have to say there are days when I do lose myself – my patience, I get lost in the cloud, worrying about things that don’t matter, become selfish and clouded by stress and pressures but I think we do need to be mindful and keep stock of our ownself as much as we can so that we are constantly aware of the people, and human beings around us because that’s what makes life dynamic, unique and living at the end of the day.

It takes a lot of courage, and a lot of evaluation of my own character, my values, my strengths (and weaknesses) and everything else in between or all the intersections to have a sense of who I really am and who I really want to be. I think more importantly, bringing that to how I work with the people around me.

I count myself very fortunate to work with the people I work with, especially the very incredible team at Soften the Fck Up, but I know it is a very reciprocal thing, because they give me their authentic selves when they work with me, allowing us all to work from a very honest, genuine and authentic space built on the foundation of mutual trust, respect for one another and most importantly, a shared vision.

Having said that, these are my opinions. I am, perhaps, biased to my own ideals, or maybe I am just tired. But here’s Day 8 of #b03.