Happy Birthday, Beth

I have always been very fascinated by the potential of technology in improving lives but have never really looked into it, other than through my work with the Inspire Foundation, which uses information communication technology to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people.

I remember first entering the non-profit technology circle and attended my first official event – the Connecting Up Conference and everyone was talking about Beth Kanter, the person you must know if you’re interested in non-profit technology. That started my subscription to Beth’s blog, and reading more and more about her work and keeping up to date with her presentations and her findings.

Beth has inspired me a lot in the things I do when it comes to technology, not only in the non-profit field, but in other of my work area – education and social innovation. It’s interesting that we’ve never met but Beth has been a great mentor and teacher. I’m still slowly finding my way through this whole muddy field, but surely, I’m getting there – esp since in collaboration with Eddie Harran for Digital For Good and partnering with Brisbane City Council for YES Brisbane to launch our first unreasonable ideas incubator program.

So, Beth, as you turn 53, I hope you realise how much of global impact you have made and the amount of social innovation and social good you have fueled around the world. Thank you so much for your generosity and compassion. Happy birthday!


Wish Beth a happy birthday and help her make her wish come true –