It’s not enough to just be alive

I sat across my very good friend, as we both swallow our noodles and spoke about the depth of love and emotions that come with it, especially when we lose love. He’s just broken up with someone he is in love with but their love was not meant to be.

The whole topic is fascinating in itself as we speak about the pain and the confusion that lost love cause – with all the unbearable pain we feel late at night when we’re by ourselves and the cold naked loneliness we feel without the familiar embrace comes the realisation of what it means to feel alive.

Living a mindful life means living in the present moment and be very consciously and subconsciously aware of the energy and all the visible and invisible things around you (e.g. light, temperature, serenity, chaos, emotions, sound). Being mindful also mean taking in all that happens around you and all that life has to offer, as well as being able to live to your deep beliefs of yourselves and your own beliefs of the world.

I remember a time when I lived a life and enjoyed whatever external influence that was thrown upon me, but when you’ve learned what it means to lose it all, you realise that being alive is barely alive, and what it truly means to need to feel alive.

Being alive is what makes the world spin, the stories that interlinks our lives – the stories of loss, love, and stories of survival. It’s feeling the pain at its rawest, the loneliness at its coldest, the sadness at its darkest, the happiness at its purest, the gratefulness at its sincerest, and unconditional love at its deepest.

I have to say there are days when I lose myself and become impatient and insecure, but regardless, you’ll never find me hiding any of my emotions. Because when you’ve lost it all, you realise that you are bloody lucky to be alive, so indulge in things that make you feel alive.

Keep giving, so that the world can go around. Keep loving, so that humanity can thrive and keep losing yourself, so that you can appreciate all that emotions that come with life.

  • samanthabell1

    You are constantly amazing Ehon. Thank you :) 

  • ehon

    You are! I am inspired by you guys!