Politics in the Pub: All that Twitters is not Gold

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‘All That Twitters is Not Gold’

The New Farm Neighbourhood Centre’s next ‘Politics in the Pub at the Powerhouse’ is about the good and bad of online social networking. While online services like Twitter, Facebook, Bebo and Myspace are great tools for getting the message out they also have a dark side.

The New Farm Neighbourhood Centre runs ‘Politics in the Pub’ at the Brisbane Powerhouse (yes, not a pub, but life’s full of contradictions) every couple of months and our next on the evening of Thursday 22 July 2010 is about social networking, and in particular, on whether social networking tools enhance communication or flatten and depersonalize it.

“Nearly everyone is hooked into new social media online, to the point that many of us would find it hard to imagine life without them, but lately we’ve been hearing a lot about the down side of Web 2.0. Cyber-bullying, de-Facebooking, cyber-stalking and the inane micro-commentary of Twitter celebrities” said Nick Collyer.

“This Politics in the Pub will pull back the digital curtain and look at the big picture implications of new social media.”

“‘All That Twitters Is Not Gold’ will have 5 speakers – Ehon Chan, Peter Black, Alissa Phillips, Sarah Moran and Hamish Alcorn – passionate about and expert in this issue.”

When: 7 – 8.30 pm Thursday 22 July 2010
Where: on the Turbine Platform at the Brisbane Powerhouse

  • Brisbaneboy

    Straight away i thout of an article i read today (slow work day) at… I think perhaps sometimes with the ability to communicate with so many comes the need to have the maturity to know how to handle the medium. Just like we step up from a trike to a bike to a car…

  • ehon

    Hey Brisbaneboy,

    Wow, I haven't read that news at all until you sent it through. I think definitely – it really reflects on how we bring up our children. I think this is another reason why parents should understand the internet and teach their child about free speech and all that. See, online and offline isn't too far different – whatever we teach our child not too do offline, we should teach them the same online as well.

  • Brisbaneboy

    I see your point. And yes, agree 100%! There is no reason to have a seperate set of rules for either, or to distinguish. The biggest different perhaps they dont understand is the long lasting nature of something on the internet. once it is there its almost impossible to get off…

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